Grid Iron3, Stacks 3.5.1, RW 7.4.1 - change to only Home page results in 2000+ file upload

(Fred Dalzell) #1

@isaiah @barchard @dan Okay, I had mentioned this in the Stacks 3.5 topic but wasn’t sure. Now I am.

I just made a small change to my club’s website (Grid Iron is not on this page) and when I tried to publish to the server, it wanted to upload 2047 files!!!

I did preview the Grid Iron page, but it shows as unchanged (and I checked via right-click also).

So, what can I do?

Thanks in advance, Fred

(Gregory Barchard) #2

FYI, GridIron 3.1 is in the pipeline which reduces the number of files published. I am unsure, however, why an unchanged page would publish any assets or resources. sorry

(Fred Dalzell) #3

@barchard Greg - need a beta tester? :wink:


(Fred Dalzell) #4

A further update today. I went to republish anyway (i really don’t want to upload so many files) and this time it was 2053 files and I didn’t preview the Grid Iron page, just hit publish. Oh, well. I guess I’ll bite the bullet unless GI 3.1 is available as a beta now? @barchard


(Gregory Barchard) #5

sorry there isn’t a beta version available.

(Fred Dalzell) #6

@barchard Thank you Greg anyway.


(Gregory Barchard) #7

you’re welcome. I’m sure it won’t be too terribly long.