Publishing hundreds of files for even smallest change

This seems to be an ongoing issue for me, and alas it is still present in RW7.

I make a small change to a site and when I hit publish RW7 wants to publish 800+ files. I can maybe understand a few pages need changing if I have altered the menu structure, but even when that hasn’t happened it still wants to upload 800+ files.

I’ve watched the list of files being uploaded and these are just standard files that DEFINITELY only need upload one-time.

It seems like RW doesn’t know what files are already on the server and so just uploads everything every time.

Any ideas as to what I could do to fix this as often I am on a slow internet connection and so uploading 800+ files can take 30 minutes.

just use an independent ftp program, like forklift and just publish your changes. haven’t use the in-built publishing for years now!
cheers, tomas

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Excellent advice Tomas!

I can’t believe I never thought to do that.


@tnittner is there a detailed resource on how to do this. I guess I would export the RW file to a location on my HDD then sync it with the directory on my host, correct?

any other details or tips that would help?

@Pip same thing is now happening to me after the most recent upgrade.

Cyberduck does have an excellent “synchronize” function: scans online content and transfers just the new and modified files!

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