OLD SAW - RW7.5.5 Publishing all files when it shouldn't

I know this has been around the block many times on many iterations of RW. The old ‘I have only made a small edit on one page and RW invariably wants to republish all my files’.

With the latest RW, it is still an issue, even when selecting a publish from a single page that had a single text edit only within a text stack. The most simplistic and basic edit, and RW begins a republish of 700+

I know RW8 is just around the corner, and hoping perhaps this issue has/will be considered. For now, I select publish and get a cup of coffee and maybe a sandwich. Not so much a frustration, as a time workaround issue. A fix would be nice.

  • All updates are installed
  • Plugins playing nice
  • Large project file certainly slows previews down a lot, but no other issues experienced.

Publishing is certainly one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, problems in RW. Always has been and probably always will be. I hope my pessimistic prediction will be proved wrong.

That is the first I’ve ever heard of issues with single page publishing. I use it many times each and every day and have never had a problem with single page publishing. Have you considered exporting to local folder and uploading with ftp/sftp? You might also be interested in Yummy FTP Watcher as you can setup a “watched” or “synced” folder of your site. Export to your watched folder and Yummy will automatically upload the new files for you. I also use Yummy’s sync feature to make a complete LOCAL backup of my site (server), complete with non-RW files (resources, logs, keys, etc).

I have considered this, however the built-in FTP publisher is certainly more handy and when working correctly, a time saver.

@skypilota72 you are certainly not the first RW user to notice this. What I would say is that if you can provide Isaiah (Yourhead) with a RW project that can reproduce this, then Isaiah will be unable to help himself from digging deep into the issue and hopefully find what conditions are causing this.

In my experience of chasing this since RW7 was released, is that complexity, size of project file and certain combinations of stacks seem to cause over publishing of files and consequently slow preview and publish times. I never use the built in FTP so this is AFAIK, nothing to do with FTP.

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