Pulse CMS: URL rewriting not working

Does anybody know how the .htaccess of Pulse CMS for RapidWeaver has to look like? I have a Pulse blog on my homepage (index.php), and the pulse folder with the .htaccess is in /resources. Everything works fine, the blog list and posts are displayed, but the URLs to individual posts look like this:


instead of


This is especially a problem when using Pulse plugins that rely on the rewritten URLs.

Any ideas?

At the end, this is the URL that counts:


The URL parameter &title=some-post is only for aesthetics.

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Thanks, Jannis, but how do I get Pulse to display “pretty” URLs like it normally does? What do I have to put in the .htaccess?

Please send me an email, which exact Pulse Plugin you need having worked with that: https://instacks.com/contact/


Done, email sent. Thank you.

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Just for the interested: Jannis helped me out. I didn’t consider that the .htaccess of the Pulse CMS isn’t used by RapidWeaver pages at all. So it’s obvious that the URL rewriting doesn’t work… Thanks, Jannis.