Easy Pulse CMS Question

Ive fixed this issue before. I just cant remember how I did it. I just took the site, willowcreekglasschapel.com live. The site was working great until I uploaded the pulse cms files. Now my domain redirects to a pulse demo site. I put in my serial and all of that. I know this is an easy fix. Just cant remember what to do. All of my files have been uploaded including the hta access. @instacks @yuzool

I’m sure Jannis or Michael will get back to you here (though it’s @yuzool, not Yabdab) but for future reference, there’s also a Pulse CMS forum. https://forum.pulsecms.com/

Just an FYI, I can’t help otherwise.


There is a Diag you can run at www.yoursite.com/pulsecms/admin/diag.php where /pulsecms is whatever you called the PCMS installation folder.

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Got a blank page


Where is your Pulsecms folder and what is it called?
Have you FTP’s or Published it to your server?

I uploaded the pulse files into the public_html folder where my site files have been uploaded.

Then you need to check they are al there in the correct place. If they were there your link would work so the fact it doesn’t work points to the fact that the correct files not being in the right place. You need you investigate that.

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Thanks @webdeer and @jabostick for taking care of @neckley0207 here!

I see you posted over on the Pulse forum but have closed that and linked to this thread as it seems we’re troubleshooting it here :+1:

I checked the URL and as Gary said, sounds like Pulse files are not on the server or perhaps in a different location. Could you DM me SFTP info and will take a look.

@instacks always recommends when using RapidWeaver, append Pulse to your RW resources:


Pulse CMS 1-click-installer for RapidWeaver from inStacks Software on Vimeo.

But that is just one way to shave the yak. We usually recommend it so that it’s easiest for setting up and troubleshooting. But FTP to the root is also fine as long as you are matching the location in the RapidWeaver Stacks.

Be great to see SFTP then we can work out a workflow so once you have it you can easily set up another Pulse+RapidWeaver site next time :man_dancing::grin:

FYI for other Pulse+RapidWeaver users, @ben has an excellent course here, so check that out:

I got it figured out. Thank you guys. I removed al the files and republished. I Uploaded a previous download of pulse4.7 with a file missing. replaced the file and were in business

Thank you

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Great to hear @neckley0207! Would love to see the new site once live.

Keep in touch! :slight_smile: