Pulse CMS: New owners, updates and bug fixes

Hi all,

Some time ago, a group of developers acquired the rights to PulseCMS software from @yuzool, who no longer owns PulseCMS.

We’re excited about joining the RapidWeaver community, and we want to continue improving PulseCMS, and its integration via Stacks.

(The Stacks integration is provided by @instacks.)

First- Yuzool did a great job building the product. Although I noticed there were some billing concerns when PulseCMS was owned by Yuzool. So, we now have a 14-day refund policy on any new subscription renewals occurring as of Jan 1, 2021.

Up to this point, we have focused on core improvements. For example:

  • We added detailed docs: https://docs.pulsecms.com/
  • Various critical but small improvements, such as fixing some blog URLs that did not work.
  • We added the ability to have spaces in navigation.

These were release in PulseCMS 5.4.12. You can see details here.

We are now engaging the RapidWeaver community, and we hope to make PulseCMS a great CMS option for RapidWeaver.


Hi, how come there doesn’t seem to be an actual demo video of how Pulse works? Even just the basics.

Or am I missing something`?

If you scroll down on the main website, you will see videos for installing PulseCMS, and a bit more about it.

In a nutshell, PulseCMS is a PHP program. It’s a Wordpress alternative.

With the @instacks plugin, you should be able to export full RW sites. Then upload to your web host once you set up PulseCMS.

You upload the PulseCMS PHP files to your web host. (There is no database to set up- it’s a flat-file system.) You can then turn any HTML-based website into a blog and CMS.

To drastically oversimplify, you add “tags” like {{my-heading-here}} into your HTML or elements. Those can then be editted.

For an in-depth tutorial, you can start here: https://docs.pulsecms.com/1.0/getting-started/quick-start

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