How to add custom fonts to Blog,Photo and Contact Form?

how can i add custom fonts, webfonts or custom fonts with Font File Stack to Blog builtin, Photo builtin and to Contact builtin RW pages?!
Anyone could help me or suggest me somethings?!
These builtin pages doesn’t allow to insert stack so … how can i edit these pages?!
Thank you so much.

Do you want to use a google or other web based font, or a custom font where you own font files ?

usually i use google fonts but in my last project i have to use OTF and TTF font located into my iMac library downloaded from Dafont …

For google fonts, you will find a description here.

For custom fonts, you could use this stack (set up on a stacks page), and copy/paste the respective CSS code from the generated code to the blog/photo/form page.
This definitely requires some more advanced web design skills