Question about MAMP

Simple one: is it possible to view my website locally with MAMP when the Internet connection is OFF?

My guess is that all static pages can be viewed, but those that use PHP or MySQL can not. Am I right?

PHP and mySQL will work fine with MAMP. The acronym is Mac Apache MySQL PHP. You may have problems if your site uses CDN for things like fonts and jQuery or frame works.

When you configure MAMP make sure you select the same version of PHP that is running on your server or may may get different results between the two. I was running on older php on my site and when I used mamp some php didn’t work. It was because some of my php code used some old outdated php commands that the new version php would not allow.

Thanks, guys. But the main question is this: can I show my site’s contents (using MAMP) to someone who does not have an Internet access?

It depends on other things using the Internet. mMAMP works fine without. PHP and MYSQL both work fine . Best bet is to test it your self. Unhook from the internet and try it out.

Most probably not all content will be displayed correctly. Lot of themes are using e.g. fonts from google, which will not load w/o internet connection.

OK, so I did check out MAMP on a computer with Wi-Fi turned OFF. Static elements were showing fine, but all elements that were hosted on my server (like warehoused images) or other servers (like Google Fonts and Maps) were not. Also – most importantly – password protection did not work and my 3-lingual pages were showing all 3 language versions at once. Also, some stacks (like Will Woodgate’s ‘Switcher’) were not showing at all.

So, I guess, my best bet would be to create a new static, single language version, without password-protection, without Google Fonts and Maps, without videos hosted on Vimeo and with all images within RW’s resources? That would just about defeat the purpose of using MAMP at all.

How do you, guys, deal with those limitations?

What is your purpose of using MAMP?

@instacks – This quote from previous post says it all. But, if feasible, I would like to use it also for testing my projects before uploading them to the server…

But WHY do you want to have a site for a “no internet access” scenario? By definition web sites are for the web…

That your are not able to use the RW sites locally (with MAMP) - w/o internet connection - is not a problem of MAMP, but how the site content is structured.
If stacks or themes are using CSS / JS / Fonts / whatever from a CDN (which is quite common) it will be quite difficult up to not possible at all to preview the site locally w/o internet connection exactly as with internet connection.

You can use it to preview your sites prior to publication and it will work fine as long as you have internet access for the CDN stuff like j query fonts and stuff. MAMP WILL work and display just like your server does.
As far as your password protection not working what are you using? If it’s.htacess you need to put those into your MAMP directory.

This whole matter seems to be a bit confusing, because apparently MAMP must be used on a computer with Internet access intact. However, my goal is to be able to show my website to a person who does not have the Internet access. So, I gather, MAMP is not the right tool for this purpose.

Does anyone have a suggestion for achieving my goal, other than building a 100% static website?

These aren’t great options but:

  • you could use screenshots and put them in a pdf package.

  • Or you could record a screencast of you using the site (via Quicktime) and save it as a video that you play locally on your computer.

See also

Thanks, Jannis. This is something I have to explore in more detail.