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How can i test a new site without a server. I want to be shure that its work before i take a server and domain name

Export the site to a new folder.
Open the folder
Right click on the index file and choose Open with (whatever browser you have)
That should work.


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Install MAMP (free) to run as a virtual server on your machine - https://www.mamp.info/en/

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How i can find the index file i have only a rw8 file in thuis folder

Yes, MAMP is really easy to use and makes hosting websites for testing purposes very easy – you can even switch version of PHP to use.

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you have to publish locally (export the site). Depending on what you have on the pages it may or may noy just work by opening in your browser you should really test on a web server, Mamp allows you to run a local web server on your Mac.

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Along this line of questioning – I would love to send a test file to someone who is coaching me through a build. Is this possible without publishing the site?
Thanks for any advice.

Do they have Rapidweaver?

Most Hosting companies have really inexpensive plans available.

I use MAMP Pro version but strictly for a complete testing environment.

I wouldn’t think about “sending” a file to someone else. Just publish the site to a test URL or a sub domain / sub directory of an existing site. You’re going to have publish it eventually anyway. You can easily password protect the site if you want.

That way the other folks can just click on a link on any devices they want.

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I agree 100%…publishing to a real server is always best…or you can’t tell how things are going to work in the real world. Good call @teefers

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I was thinking of a test URL not a subdomain or directory so they could see what I have so far without actually me publishing the site. (It is a complete reworking of a site that I have online already)
Do I just publish it with a different name than the original website so it doesn’t overwrite? Sorry for the inexperienced question. I will look at MAMP Pro but it may be overkill for my needs.
Thank you for all your input.

Create a subdomain and publish there ie. Sandbox.yoursite.com protect it from the public and being crawled by search engines by password protecting it with either .htaccess rules or something like Joe Workman’s pagesafe stack.

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@Juveke try this new app called Emporter App it looks like you can set up your Mac easily so that someone else can view your localhost website!


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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll check it out. Better late than never.

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