Question about Site Image Stack

I’m currently testing different page layout strategies to see how quickly they load and collecting focus group input to see which layouts they think are most effective or visually interesting.

As a control for this I am using the same set of 20 images on each layout.
The images are all the same pixel size.

One of the tests I am performing is to see how much compression I can employ without visibly degrading the images. (I am only compressing each image one time).

My understanding is that Site Image Stack references the same image no matter how many times it shows up on the site.

MY QUESTION has to do with how to use the Site Image Stack for comparing similar images at different levels of compression. If two web pages show the same image at different levels of compression which image is being served to me?

If I change the filename of each image prior to publishing it on my website will Site Image show me separate versions of the various compression levels or will they show me just one?

If the file name is different, it’s a different image.

Thanks Scott. That sounds simple.

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