Site Image: Which one is it?

I make a lot of use of Site Images.
Whenever I can I try to use the version from YourHead Software Stacks 4.

I remember seeing a video that Isaiah produced which basically said the primary advantage of Site Image was that it only loaded one version of the image onto the server. If the image showed up more than once on the website it always alluded to the same image and consequently minimized resource bloat on the server.

I use these site images in lieu of Card Images when I am making use of Foundry Card Stacks. They seem to work fine though I am not sure if this has any indiscernible untoward effects.

Sometimes when I just drag an image from a folder onto the webpage RapidWeaver says it is a “Site Image.” When this happens am I actually ending up with the Stacks4 Site Image that eliminates redundancy?

The stacks 4 default image stack (dragging and dropping) is the site image stack.

You can also look at the resource tray; site images will be stored in there.

Thanks Doug. This is reassuring.

Site image stack only is available with RW8+. I know you’re using it, but for others who read this post.

Site image uses the redone resources in RapidWeaver version 8, so it isn’t available on earlier versions. If you are still using RW7 and drag and drop an image it will use the older plain image stack.


Do you see any issues with substituting SiteImage Stack for a “Card Image” when using a Card Stack from Foundry? It seems to publish fine.

I’m not at a Mac right now, but if I remember correctly, it should be okay.

In bootstrap (Foundry is based on a version of BS4), card images can have a radius on some corners of the image. A top image will round the top corners of the image.

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