Question: Automatic full screen picture display

Hi, I am thinking about a project, so there is no URL here. What I want to do:

  • I place a picture on my site. It is a normal site with text in different stacks etc.

  • When a user scrolls to the place where the picture sits, the picture automatically zooms and fills the screen

  • The user can then use a close icon to return to the normal view.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Ideas? IMHO don’t do it. It will disturb the user when browsing the page.


I know that you can accomplish this in a non-Stacks way by using a Styled Text page along with Pluskit. You add the photo to the page (scaling it to the size you need/want) and setting the trigger that will light-box when clicked. Then you just click to have it zoom out.

Thanks, I would need a stack solution.