Question mark inside a blue box instead of picture

Hello Everyone,

I am having an issue to upload my pictures in the MarkDown pages of my site (which is not published yet). Basically, when I type the html code for uploading the picture (displayed on the Markdown Cheat Sheet), it doesn’t show it in my website. Rather the pricture is shown as a question mark inside a blue box. I am using Rapid Weaver 7.
Any help would be highly appriaceted.

Thank you.


Without knowing what you are typing it’s hard to say. Specifying an image in markdown doesn’t upload the image. You need to manually upload your images to your web server with an FTP application like transmit or Filezilla.

The blue box with a question mark is what you get when an image is not able to load.

Thanks for your reply Teefers. I didn’t know that!.

I will try to use an FTP application as you explained.
Could you tell me why for the Home Page I can upload any picture with no problem, whereas in the Markdown pages I need an FTP app? I am keen to learn.
Thank you.

Are you using RW8?
How are you adding the images to markdown?

If you’re using RW8 you can use the new resources window. Place the images inside the resource folder. Then you can drag them to the Markdown page directly or right click them in resources and use the macro for the URL if you want to do the cheat Sheet way.

Then RapidWeaver resources should take care of the ftp part when you publish. This is a rebuilt process in RW8, the older resources folder wasn’t reliable enough for me to recommend using. The new version seems to be much better but keep in mind that it’s not very mature yet so it could have a few bugs in it.

I am using RW7.
I was planning to add pictures to markdown via the “html cheat sheet”, but I actually need an FTP part for publishing it. I had a look at the programs you suggested, especially Filezilla (thanks for that). But, I am thinking that Stacks will be easier way for me to upload pictures and to customize a page.
Quick question. Let’s say I publish my site using RW7… If I want to upgrade to RW8 next year for instance, will my site automatically update to the new version or will I need to start a new project from scratch?

Yeah, the project files will convert from RW7 to RW8 without any problems. You can run both 7 and 8 on the same computer at the same time. You can share the addons folder (plugins, themes and stacks) between the two versions.
Once you’ve converted a project file you will have two versions of that project one RW7 and the new RW8. Changes made to one will not appear in the other.

That’s lovely. Thanks so much for your clarifications teefers: you have been very helpful!. :smile:

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