Published redesigned site and a different one of my sites loads for that url

Late last night I completed a total redesign of one of my oldest sites, I had no trouble publishing, but when I went to check the site, for the domain, a DIFFERENT one of my sites, with a similar domain,, is the site that loads. I’ve tried this with different browsers and on different computers, and it always happens. And I’ve republished both sites with no change. I’m not the most tech savvy person and have no idea what is wrong or how to fix this. I contacted my hosting company and after an hour of chat they told me there is nothing causing this on their end and that the problem has to be with Rapidweaver.

I’m not very versed in publishing. If you, for example, had a index.html homepage for your massage chairs site, and an index.php for your healthy living site, and accidentally used an FTP bookmark from the massage one (so your server had an index.html and an index.php in the same folder), then your site would default to the index.html one.

Thanks for the response, but both site home pages are index.html, as are the other 10 or so sites I’ve built with Rapidweaver. And the publishing settings were all typed in - no bookmarks use.

I googled your site and you still have sub-pages that are active/working (albeit maybe from the old design), which is why I was wondering if you had the home pages in the same folder.

That is the old design and that page was eliminated in the new design. The problem seems to be that when I publish and it’s completed and says it has finished publishing, it really has not been forwarded to the the hosting account. Why a different site loads is a mystery.

Yeah that’s odd. Other than your domain being parked or forwarded or something, I’m not sure why it would behave like that, though I’m pretty novice with publishing. Hopefully someone here can help get you sorted!

Are you sure your publishing setup is correct? I don’t know how one site could be uploaded (published) to another unless you didn’t select the proper server in My Server dropdown…

Optionally, export entire site to local folder then FTP the site up to the proper server.

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Setup is correct - no issue there. How do I export to “local folder”? Thanks.

From FILE menu “Export Site.” It will prompt you for location of your local folder. You can also setup a local folder to publish to on the Publish menu… note the bottom half of Publishing setup.

I have Rapidweaver 6 and the publish menu does not have the “new destination” choice that Rapidweaver 7 has.
I added and exported to a “Local Folder” but I guess I cannot use the RW FTP client to export to the server, I need a separate FTP client?

Even if this works, I’d have to go through this every time I update the site, which will be almost daily.

The FTP upload was just to fix for now until you figure out the problem… You have two sites… Right? Do you have two sites configured for your FTP? Rapidweaver is merely uploading the files to the server you have specified. Do you have Rapidweaver configured for two different sites?

I have Rapidweaver configured for more than a dozen sites and have had for several years and have never had a problem like this before.

Wrong info provided by the customer service rep at the hosting co. Rapidweaver support said to make sure the cache was cleared, which it actually wasn’t despite what they told me; I went into the FIle Manage, saw that and deleted it all myself, re-published and all is ok now. But when you publish “All files” shouldn’t that override the files that were there before? That did not happen, but I have been able to do updates and re-publish again with no problems

If file with same name is uploaded again (published) the new one overwrites the old one. Note that Rapidweaver does not delete files do if you delete a page from your project file it will remain on your server so you need to maintain your server with ftp in addition to RW.

For example… if you upload “test-file.html” and then after testing you delete it from Rapidweaver “test-file.html” remains on the server and will be indexed by the search engines. (Unless “no index - no follow” is set for that page.

So you need to always be aware of any file that needs to be deleted from your server, including old images, etc.

thanks - had no idea about that.