Publishing wrong project

Hi, I have an interesting problem with publishing. I have 2 websites on the same host. I recently updated the 2nd project and copied the path from my 1st website by accident which meant that it uploaded to the wrong domain. Since then whenever I try to publish the 1st project it doesn’t change the files so I now have 2 websites that are the same. There are no errors notifications and I checked my host and all seems well there.

I recently upgraded to rapidweaver 8

any ideas?


Have you tried removing all the files in the html directory for the website you want to update the publish that website in full again?

I think so, I went into the host and removed what I saw… Is there another place I should look?

Without knowing the path you used it’s hard to say.

I;d probably delete everything and then republish all files (RapidWeaver publishing drop-down)

Make sure you clear your browsers cache.

Thanks, Im trying eveyrthing right now. I also noticed that the projects save to 2 destinations since upgrading to rw8. which should be the correct location for rw8? thanks

RapidWeaver 8 will convert older projects to the new RW8 format. It will leave the old project file as it was when you opened it.

The new project will end with extension .rw8

Thanks for that… I think theres some kind of mess from my publishing error. Whats the safest way to delete all the files on my host before republishing?


I’d probably suggest using an FTP client. Something like transmit(paid) or FileZilla(free).

Your hosting company might have a file manger built into there control panel that would work.

I don’t know what hosting company you are using so can’t say for sure what paths you used. But I’d probably delete everything from the path that you accidentally publish to.

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