Question: Will you be upgrading to RW 7? clarifying my answers

Upgrade - like when?

I only JUST upgraded my mostly unused rev 5 to rev 6 this AM! Less than 6 hrs ago.
Not realizing there is a brand new version about to be released.

Everything is ala carte & frankly, in some regards iWeb was more useful to me unless there are features inside of the Rapidweaver core completely obscure to me. It appears that I need to purchase more plug-in modules over & above the app cost to really rev its engine.

If I’m dropping more $ - it probably won’t be Rapidweaver as my first choice ontop of this.
It appeared to be an easier way to get a site back up & running without resorting to WordPress or Dreamweaver, but I’m basically rebuying Dreamweaver in the modules.

I’m also a little annoyed that I need to purchase tutorial access to learn more advanced uses for the product I bought! Especially since I bought the upgrade with one cc & that card is apparently not valid for use to buy said access!

I really did not expect to be livid less than half a day after jumping in. What I am reading implies I shouldhave tried to make version 5 work well before “upgrading” to 6.

This forum seems quirky - tought to edit when its falls off the scroll page.

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