Question: Will you be upgrading to RW 7?

RapidWeaver 7 is shaping up to be the most stable and feature complete release we’ve ever done. We’re working hard to ensure there are zero launch issues, and existing sites “just work”.

We’ll be posting a full run down of the new features nearer the time, but if you’ve been listening to the podcast you probably know about a lot of them already :wink:

So anyway, I just wanted to do a quick straw poll on if you think you’ll upgrade to 7?

FYI: RapidWeaver 7 will cost $99, with upgrade pricing of $59 for all existing users.

We’re shooting for the end of this month, but it might slip due to unforeseen bugs or hiccups, remember we want this release to be perfect.

Happy Weaving!


Straw length unknown at this time, but I will definitely be upgrading!



Of course I’ll be upgrading, no question. :+1:


Sure thing, but not immediately. I got stung with RW6 so I’ll wait until others have weathered the storm first.
Also, as RW tends to end up in bundles at ridiculously low prices at some point, I’ll probably wait until then. Just being honest.

I hope RW 7 fixes FTP!

Hope this helps.

Drop us a note about your FTP issues, and we’ll investigate!



Upgrade pricing is not as convenient. Usually it is half the full price …

I doubt it.

V4 worked fine for me. Some time last year I lost my hard drive and had to upgrade to 5.4 to upgrade to 6 to update a site. I would not have bothered otherwise, I have simple sites with no need for stacks or Foundation. Give me a decent 3rd party theme and a bit of CSS and I am happy. I gave up with the internal publishing many years ago so the ongoing issues I read about don’t concern me. What I have works so I don’t see any need to upgrade.

I need something that is stable and something that works. Apart from the publishing issue RW has always been this to me which is why I am still here.

Did not realise you had $ in Brighton though? I have been away too long.


I’d like to see the new Rapidweaver website built using RW7 and a list of the new features in RW7 before upgrading, but will upgrade in time as who wants to be stuck on an old release when the RW scene is so vibrant at the moment.

Good thing is that the RW6 -> RW7 upgrade path is a lot easier than RW5 -> RW6


Good news: the company website is indeed being rebuilt in RW7, and we’ll be getting a feature list out in advance of launch I suspect :slight_smile:


To be perfect, you have to come out first with a public beta, which we can test.
All the times you did not, (RW5 and RW6), new releases have been a mess.
We are tired of paying for making beta-testers!

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Yep, heard Dan say that on the Podcast.

BTW, Dan’s link to the podcast goes to a 404 page. I’ll definitely take a listen to the specific podcast if a good link can be provided.

Official Announcement

General Podcast Page They talk about RapidWeaver 7 several times through the various last several podcasts…


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@Mathew link is now fixed (and i’ve included it below). We talk about RW7 most weeks. You can find all episodes here:

If you’re interested in RapidWeaver and building websites you should definitely listen to the show :+1:t3:

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To be honest, it doesn’t feel that long since I upgraded to RW6. Currently I’m enjoying that experience but it was a real faff upgrading all my old sites from 5.3.7 so I’ll also hang fire for a bit.

Eventually I’ll bite the bullet but I think that upgrade price is a bit steep - not in itself necessarily, but as a reduction on the new price, it doesn’t say ‘thanks for sticking with us’ enough for me. Maybe throw in some extra goodness for existing users in terms of 6 months worth of Gold subscriber videos or a couple of those RealMac themes?

Thinking about it, if Stacks 3.5 (or whatever the next iteration is called) and any third party stacks requires RW7 then that’ll be the thing that makes me upgrade.


@dan Thanks for the fixed link! I listened to one, but really there was very little info about RW7 (a lot about signing up for a beta, but little on actual new features). Since I’m super busy I’ll just wait to hear via text what are the major additions and enhancements.

It’s hard to say how soon I would upgrade given that we don’t know that much about the features. My default would be similar to @robbeattie: I’ll obviously upgrade when Stacks requires it! I may upgrade sooner, but I’d only be able to judge that based on knowing about new features.

Thanks guys. Here’s just a couple of things we’ve talked about on the Podcast that are in 7.0, mainly to do with making your life easier while using RapidWeaver…

Portable Documents: You can now choose to store resources inside your RapidWeaver document, enabling you to take the project between multiple Macs.

Project Backup: RapidWeaver can optionally create a ZIP file of your project, and upload it to your server when publishing. The file is added to a “secret” location on your server, meaning that while it is downloadable by anyone who knows the cryptic web address, it’s tricky to guess that web address.

User-selectable Addons Folder: need to save your addons in a custom location? RapidWeaver 7 allows you to do this, and will move your addons for you! Great if you’re working between machines.

Oh and one of the big new features that I know you guys will love…

SEO Health Check: This new feature makes it easy to make your site load even faster, and be more easily indexed by search engines. RapidWeaver analyses your site, and will highlight steps you can take to improve your published site.

There’s a serious amount of other new features and enhancements in RW7, but we’ll announce those during the beta/before launch :wink:


These sound like very nice improvements!

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I have been using RW7 full time for about a month now. Its a great update! Dare I say the best update yet… :slight_smile:


Definitely. Good luck!