Upgrade 5 to 6 project files

(Gary McAlpine) #1

Hi, I’m not yet ready to upgrade to RW7. Still upgrading 5 to 6 and there was an excellent step by step web page which seems to have gone from the RW website. Many of the links on this post seem to have been removed. Can anyone point me to the page or a similar resource please.
Many thanks,

(Greg Schneck) #2

(Gary McAlpine) #3

Many thanks for this. Yes I found this video too. I guess RMS don’t want to encourage us to stay with their older versions and have therefore removed some older resources. Just a bit miffed that I only upgraded to 6 less than a year ago and it’s out of date already.

(Greg Schneck) #4

Ha… I tried 6 when it first came out and never could get it to work for me so I stayed on 5.3. When 7.0 came out I tried 6 again and it worked fine. After using 6 for a week I found that I didn’t like the Inspector fixed on right so I decided to upgrade to 7. Now I wish I were still on 5.3 but it’s onward with 7 I guess…

(Gary McAlpine) #5

I’ll probably upgrade to 7 soon. Maybe wait a while until all the major glitches get sorted out. From what i see on the forum there are plenty.

(Brian LaPan) #6

Actually, just so you know, Rapidweaver 7 has been BY FAR the smoothest transition so far. We have very few issues ongoing and we’re working hard to fix them all as quick as possible.