Questions about Voyager theme (or Voyager pro)

Ok, slowly getting there. I like the Voyager theme. Some things I want to change:

  1. Can I put text on the homepage like a welcome message? The Homepage is a default Rapidweaver homepage. Should I delete that default page and put a stacks page instead?
  2. Photo gallery: the pro theme comes with a gallery. So that means I don’t have to buy a stack for photos. Correct?
  3. Is there a style for text formatting. I can enlarge font size and those things but not select header 1, 2, 3, … like you would do in Word.
  4. responsive videos: Voyager Pro has responsive videos so I will not need to buy an extra stack to embed photos right?

You don’t need a stacks page therefore. But doesn’t hurt either.

This Gallery is a standard RW photo album, just better styled. You will not be able to add additional content on the page as you described on the other thread.

You are able to do so on a styled text page with formatting.

Depends on your videos. most probably only works with YouTube and Vimeo.

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Oh dear, I thought that button was for html code so I did not look at it. Ok, that’s solved :slight_smile:

But I want it like that indeed: a text followed by a photo album (don’t even need the sidebar). . So I can do that with RW vanilla?

I see that the home page is a blog, hence I could not type anything in it. I will use a styled text page as the homepage. Does it make a difference if it has the home icon or is that only cosmetic?

Yes, the one with the Home icon is your home page, and it is not published to a folder. You can right click on any existing page name and choose Set as Home Page. That will make that page the home page and set the icon appropriately. You want your home page to be set as such.

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