Video Tutorials for Elxir themes

(Lawrence Diggs) #1

Can someone point me to the video tutorials in the Elixir theme, like the ones that are mentioned on the Elixir video on Voyager Pro theme?

(Jason Bostick) #2 and then click on the Tutorials tab. I think that is what you’re looking for.

(r) #3

(Lawrence Diggs) #4

Thanks. Do you know if the pro version supports the new banners feature in RW7?

(Matthias Ficht) #5

Yep, it does: "Voyager Pro supports RapidWeaver’s new Banner setting right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you’re ready to go! "
See here: at “Customizable Banners”.

(Lawrence Diggs) #6

Is there a way to Have a full image in the background?

(Lawrence Diggs) #7

Is it possible to use alpha channels/transparent foregrounds with the headers and/or extra content?

(Adam Shiver) #8

Changing the site background is not an option of the theme. You can use a PNG, with a transparent background, in the banner area. It should accept, JPG, PNG and GIF images.

All of the themes options are outlined on the page linked above by @RapidBase. :slight_smile:

(Lawrence Diggs) #9

Thanks much. Do you have a theme where that is an option?

(Matthias Ficht) #10

Hm, I just tried a background image with Joe Workmans “Eclipse” stack and it seems to work just fine: