Video Tutorials for Elxir themes

Can someone point me to the video tutorials in the Elixir theme, like the ones that are mentioned on the Elixir video on Voyager Pro theme? and then click on the Tutorials tab. I think that is what you’re looking for.


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Thanks. Do you know if the pro version supports the new banners feature in RW7?

Yep, it does: "Voyager Pro supports RapidWeaver’s new Banner setting right out of the box. Drag-and-drop your banner image into the image well in the Site Setup or the Page Inspector and you’re ready to go! "
See here: at “Customizable Banners”.

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Is there a way to Have a full image in the background?

Is it possible to use alpha channels/transparent foregrounds with the headers and/or extra content?

Changing the site background is not an option of the theme. You can use a PNG, with a transparent background, in the banner area. It should accept, JPG, PNG and GIF images.

All of the themes options are outlined on the page linked above by @RapidBase. :slight_smile:

Thanks much. Do you have a theme where that is an option?

Hm, I just tried a background image with Joe Workmans “Eclipse” stack and it seems to work just fine:

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