Photo gallery on styled text page?


I have a styled text page (named Video). I wrote some text in there and embedded a Youtube video. All looks good in preview.

I would like to add a few photos there. I created a photo page (named Untitled Page 2 copy) and nested it as a sublevel in my styled text page. I then put photos from my resource list on there. However, that gallery is now on a separate page, rather than included on my styled text page. So if I go specifically to the photo page I see the photo slideshow, but not on the 8higher-level page. What am I doing wrong?

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What am I doing wrong?

I think I understand now how to deal with stacks: basicallly you make your page using several stack elements. So I should not use the default styled text if I want to mix several elements and there is no way I can enrich a default styled text with stacks. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.

You can, but it is a lot of work!!!

So if I get 3d party stacks (small s) I can get more functionality like a nicer slideshow et cetera. Ok, I’m getting there. Still a lot of questions, so I will some other topics. Thank you for all your patience!

No problem
For gallery I suggest shutter
Easy and does lots

Just yell if you need anything

Don’t forget that you first need to buy the Stacks plugin from YourHead Software to use those 3rd party stacks you’ve been mentioning…: Get Stacks 4

I bought it :slight_smile:
It starts adding up a bit: RW, Stacks, other stacks, theme, Soundcloud Pro, website hosting. But I could not continue with anymore. After a while, those sites look awful and the interface has deteriorated over the years.

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