Questions from a newbie

(Stephan Vaninbroukx) #1


I’am a newbie.
I have Mac os high sierra and rapid weaver 6.4.
My website is under construction.
I used iPhone as theme.

I 'am from Belgium en my native language is Dutch.

My questions:

  • How can i changed in the contact form the terms your name, your email, subject, message and untitled in Dutch?
    De name of the submit button can i changed with the inspector.
  • Can i and how changed the black color of the navigation in green?


(Rob D) #2

Hi, Stephan,

Before you start doing anything, you should be aware that if you use macOS High Sierra, you need to update Rapid Weaver to at least version 7.5. Earlier versions are not fully compatible with High Sierra.

(Stephan Vaninbroukx) #3

Thank you.
I have meanwhile upgraded to Rapid Weaver 7.5.

(Robert Smith) #4

If Google Translate worked ok then I think I have added Your Name in Dutch to the contact form example below.

(Stephan Vaninbroukx) #5

I know how to do it.
Remove " your name, your e-mailadress…" with the - button.
Press the + button and you can change the name of untitled.

Anybody an idea about changing the color of the navigation in iPhone theme?

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