Quick Editor Stack misbehaving!

@Jon1LD hey man, The Page is showing up an ignition icon at the bottom left that doesn’t let me edit anything! I republished the whole site with no luck. I delete your stacks, re-install them, publish again and nothing happens. If there is something I can do that will reset Quick Editor Stack, it will be great. All of this because the client wanted to add a JavaScript code on a Header editing area of the page. Any help will be appreciated. CleanShot 2021-11-03 at 23.37.00 · CleanShot Cloud

@Jon1LD is the better person to tag for this, or contact their support directly as not all devs monitor the forum.

Quite sure Skyler no longer works there and setup weavium.

Also are adding JS code to a header tag or the page head?

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Client was trying to add a code where you supposed to replace text (header tag) Even when I told him he shouldn’t do it. I guess he forgot and now is asking for help.

I thought It was going to be easy but is getting awful now, and I don’t know what to do.

Anyone? even Support is ignoring me too! The client is driving me crazy. I just need to have everything reset as it was the first time I install the stack. How I manage to do that? Thanks in advance

Support usually answers in a day.

Looking here the rw_commin folder is the likely storage of any édits. Clear that and you should be able to republish the original site and take it back to its original content.

it didn’t work at all. After that failed attempt I delete all from server, upload all again and it still happening! now I don’t know what to do!

If you deleted everything… EVERYTHING… from the server, removing any edits previously performed with Quick Edit and the erroneous code your client added, and did a full republish, and it’s still not working, I’d suggest you have a deeper issue than just the code the client added.

Perhaps check the PHP version and also the PHP error logs.

For anyone to help further a URL is going to be needed.


I deleted everything from the server but didn’t changed anything from rapidweaver. I just published again the website. Are you saying the changes client made will be reflected in the project as well?!

Let’s backtrack a bit here: How did the client add the javascript? Does he have access to the RW project?

EDIT: Also… You seem to be using Armadillo and Quick Edit. Any reason? Mixing these two can’t be a good idea I’d have thought. No reason why they won’t play nicely together, but also given Armadillo can do what Quick Edit does, and use the same dashboard and database as the main blog, it seems a bit odd to have opted to use Quick Edit at all.

This is just a bit of free advice, take it or leave it: You built this for a client, right? And it’s the first time using QE, maybe Armadillo too? Is this still fairly early in your website building business? You need to slow down bit IMO.

If you are building sites for yourself you can crack on and throw all manner of stacks at pages, even stacks you’ve little to no experience with, because if it all goes wrong, it’s only yourself who will be upset. But when building for clients you need to go slowly and ONLY use a stack that adds major functionality (beyond layout) once you are really familiar with it. And be very VERY careful how you mix dynamic stacks, particularly when PHP comes into the frame. As things can go very wrong very quickly.

But back to your issues, answer the question about how the client added the JS and we’ll see if we can fix things.

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I must be missing something here, Looking at the URL you just gave Https://radioreyfm.com I don’t see what you are showing in the OP gif.

Do I need to do something or look at something special to find it?

BTW: you are getting a few console errors:

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He added the code when editing in quick edit. He don’t have access to the project. I’ve never have a problem with this set up before. He was trying to add stuff thinking it was like wordpress or something.

Yes go Here…
Name: victorpache pass: Procharger1

Then I’d suggest, no matter how much it appears that what he did is the problem, it isn’t.

When you deleted all files from that server and did a full republish you removed all traces of what he did. So if that was the cause of the proplem it’s been removed.

If that proplem persists, it’s elsewhere.

Personally I’d start by removing all traces of QE from that project and server and republish. Then add back the editable sections using Armadillo not QE.

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You are getting an error on the console, (after login, when you hit the edit button):
Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'setAttribute' on 'Element': ',' is not a valid attribute name. on the quickEdit.js file.

Either you didn’t delete everything, are there is a compatablity issue.

I don’t own QuickEdit, so I can’t test it for you.

I would agree with @TemplateRepo and think about using Armadillo’s solo content for the QuickEdit part.

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I will try that option and let you know. Updating comment to let you know the problem is solved.

My explanation on why I was using two CMS options in one:

  1. Not every client understand technology as we do
  2. My job is giving the client the easiest way to manage their page.
  3. First time I build everything on Armadillo and client never figured out how to do all the CMS by himself.
  4. I realized I needed to find something easier and Quick Editor did the trick. So, the client was happing doing the blog with armadillo and the page with quick editor.
  5. The client tried to add some codes and call me when his page just stop working for him.
  6. I came here for support as I do since Rapidweaver was version 1.

I found a solution. Thanks for all your help

Hello Albert,

We should be able to resolve this for you, I believe you are currently messaging our support. We’ve have an update for you to try that we just sent to you. We’ve had one other customer who had the same problem which came down to a conflict with an element on the page. The update did seem to fix the issue in that case.

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Your update didn’t work. Thanks for at least trying to help me. I went a different route to make the client happy. I want to keep using your stack so please find a solution so I can work out any issue next time. Thanks for all you do, Appreciated.

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