Stacks 4 issue: "Locked out" in editing mode

I recently upgraded to Stacks v4.0.1 (4724) and am using Rapidweaver 8.2.1. Immediately following the Stacks 4 upgrade, a few problems came up that I hadn’t ever faced before. The most serious of them is that on two pages of my website, I am now literally locked out from editing the stacks and thus the whole pages themselves.

Can Isaiah from YourHead or anyone experiencing these issues offer some urgent help on this? It would be a lifesaver.

The main problem: Usually when you click on a stack title anywhere in your RW project, the outline turns blue and you can edit the stack from there. On two pages of my website, when I try to click on any stacks on the page, nothing happens. In fact, the whole Stacks Page pane on the left side of the RW app is greyed over and nothing can be clicked on. It’s visible, but I cannot click on anything in that pane.

This happens only in editing mode in RW; the preview mode works fine and I can see the whole page intact. I can even republish and have the page appear normally. The only thing I cannot do is edit the stacks in RW editing mode, almost as if I am locked out of the page-editing function and cannot get back in.

For information, the two specific pages on my website where this is a problem (here and also here) are the only pages on my site that happen to have audio-visual stacks on them. Could this be a source of the problem?

Until I can find a way to edit the stacks, I cannot do anything with these pages, and that is a serious problem. Again, this all came up just after I upgraded recently to Stacks 4.0.

Thanks for your help!

Are you using any plugins on these two pages in addition to Stacks?

Thanks for the reply. On these two particular pages where the editing mode is inaccessible under the new Stacks 4, no, there are no other plugins there — just various stacks (some audio-visual-related, some not).

You could go back to Stacks 3 temporarily if your work is urgent. Just download it from the YourHead website.

Another option is to duplicate the stacks page, delete the stacks from the duplicated page one by one until you’re able to edit again.

Failing that, duplicate the project, ZIP it and upload it to a file sharing site, send a support ticket to @isaiah with a link to the problem project.


Then I would proceed as Neil said- that is the best approach to dublicate the page and delete stacks one by one. Please do a backup of your site first :slight_smile:

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Thanks a million for the reply. Will follow your suggestions. Just to add: I did try to duplicate the problem pages, but the inaccessible editing mode issue was still there in the duplicated pages. And the stacks could not be deleted, even on the duplicated pages, because I cannot click on them to delete or edit them in any way.

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rebuild them one stack at a time

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In my RW projects Stacks 4 the function “global content” does not work anymore. I use Stacks 4 with JW Foundation. It works neither with the JW Foundation Paragraph Stack nor with the on board Text Stack.

Another mistake: Changes in the Global Content are made, the file is saved and closed, then reopened – and now the file is back in its old state, with no changes in the Global Content. Updated to Stacks 4.0.1. Tested also in a clean new RW project. Same issue.

I use the „global content“ function in text/paragraph stacks to make weekly changes to my clients’ websites.

Going back to Stacks 3 would be very complicated.

Thanks for sharing this, @atelierhuebinger. In addition to the major issue of being “locked out” of edit mode as I’ve explained above, I am also having a secondary issue very similar to yours after upgrading to Stacks 4.0.

In this secondary issue, the background stacks image that I use on every main page of my RW project disappears whenever I quit my RW project. No matter how many times I replace those background stacks images on every page, those images disappear as soon as I close RW. Again, this problem began right after I upgraded to Stacks 4.0; I never had these problems under Stacks 3.

Isaiah of YourHead: Are you catching all these comments? And if so, do you have any guidance as to how to resolve these major Stacks 4.0 issues?

Tagging @isaiah

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Save and quit a Stacks 4 RW project, reopen it, and no changes will be saved. The whole Stacks Page pane on the left side of the RW app is greyed over and nothing can be clicked on.
But take a look to the other Stacks 4 threads, for example: Stacks 4 & two instances (versions) of a stack, written by Dave. Stacks 4 & two instances (versions) of a stack

Jan Fuellemann - hallo! Tagging Isaiah was done.


Just an update on this urgent issue with Stacks 4.0:

As per the advice above by @NeilUK, I downgraded back to Stacks 3 and tried to open my project, which it would not let me do. Then, I re-upgraded once more to Stacks 4.0, opened my project and found everything intact — including the two main problems wth Stacks 4.0 that we’ve been talking about above:

(1) I am effectively “locked out” of editing and deleting any stacks on some pages of my RW project, and
(2) Changes that were saved to each main page in my RW project had gone unsaved when I reopened the project.

So, the next step: Soon I will be contacting @isaiah of YourHead and sending him a copy of my project so he can analyze it and hopefully offer some guidance on these problems with the new Stacks 4.0 that I (and others too, apparently) seem to be having.

I will keep you posted on any developments on this.

When problems are this serious, I think the first step is to share you file with our support folks so that we can help directly.

These issues are not being reported by anyone else – and Stacks 4 is now being used by thousands of people everyday – this implies that the issues are unique to your environment or project.

Capturing both of those things and sharing them with our support folks, we can likely help you directly, rather than making rudimentary guesses about what might be the matter.

I’ve set up an easy to follow guide (sorry if it’s overly simplistic – some RW users are really novices and they need help too :slight_smile: ) – this guide walks through the steps of sharing your details with us.


This is, perhaps, a tad misleading – and I want to clarify.

Stacks warns you when you try to open a document with an older version that was saved with a newer version. Obviously some features in Stacks 4 are not understood by Stacks 3.

But Stacks does give you the option to just ignore the warning and carry on. If you’ve not added any Stacks 4 content to the page there should be nothing lost.

However, as a precaution I would recommend trying this – but make a backup copy of your project file to experiment with. If all goes wrong, then you can just use the backup copy.

If you do have a backup already – then that’s great news – just resurrect your most recent copy before the upgrade to Stacks.

Don’t worry, take it one step at a time, we’ll get this sorted out in no time, I’m sure.


Resolved: Just a follow-up to let everyone know that following the latest bug fix, Stacks v4.0.2 (4780), the above major issues I was having with Stacks 4 have finally been resolved. I just updated to RapidWeaver 8.3, and everything seems to be functioning well.

Thanks to @isaiah and crew at YourHead Software for their personal attention to the Stacks 4 problems I was experiencing and for getting them fixed right away. Stacks 4 is an amazing piece of work and I look forward to using it even more in the future. Thanks to all Forum members above who offered their suggestions and insights to this posting.

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