🤍♤ QuickFlip 4 Release. All New! Completely revamped

QuickFlip has one of my longer standing stacks. It’s been very popular over the years. Today I am happy to announce that version 4.0 of QuickFlip has been completely revamped. Not only are the new animations silky smooth, this new version has a ton more use cases now.

More than 2 Sides!

The biggest change to QuickFlip is that it now supports more than 2 sides. This turns QuickFlip 4 into a slider like you have never seen before. As QuickFlip animates, it magically updates that order so that a new side gets displays on every flip.

More features

  • Multiple ways to interact with QuickFlip: hover, click, scroll and page load
  • Loop infinitely for a slideshow like no other
  • Use external controls to go forward, go backward, play or pause animations
  • QuickFlip swatch allows you to apply animations to multiple items at once.
  • Works great with Total CMS blog!

I got it on day one…WOW!
Love the swatch integration.


Price for exisiting users?

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