Switching content without controller

I’m sure I have the stacks to do this; I’m just not thinking creatively right now and could use someone else’s brainpower.

I have a page showing an image. I want the user to click on that image in order to swap out the image for a puzzle inside an iframe. I have a variety of toggle, tab and lightbox stacks, but I don’t want to use a lightbox, and I don’t want to use a button or other controller to trigger the content swap. I want the user to click on the image to change the content.

I feel like a slider stack would probably be best, but I don’t want pagination buttons or navigation carets. Should I add a link to the image that uses a custom class to nav to the iframe slide? Is there a slider stack with “navigate by clicking on content” built in?

Any advice would be appreciated.

If it’s a single image that reveals a single puzzle, maybe use a ‘flip’ type stack so that when a visitor clicks on the front side, it ‘flips’ to reveal the other side?

Something like this maybe? Joe Workman QuickFlip

Thanks Rob and Gary,

Yeah, I didn’t even know that “flip” stacks existed. That’s the ticket though. Of course, it’s the one type of stack I don’t already own :grinning: I’ll just need to make sure that the content can be an embed stack.


Just to close this out, I did buy a flip stack, and it does exactly what I want. Augment Flip and Quick Flip looked so similar, but there was one transition I liked better with Augment, so I got it, and am super happy with it. Probably would have been super happy with QuickFlip as well.


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