Wall of images with random rotation

Please, suggest, how i can make a small wall of images (contain 8 squares) with periodical rotating randomly selected image (one per time) to the new one from totally 16 images?
Thank you!


These stacks came to mind

@joeworkman what say you? I am not sure how to implement for ‘image wall’.

I guess it depends also do images need to rotate individually or all same time? @Astx


Thank You!

Also thinking about MovingBoxes running one-after-one by cycle. Not so random, but it’s a solution for my task. It will be not so “image” but “stacks” wall in that case.
Don’t know about the SlotMachine before, also check it. Thank You!

Dealer could also work. https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/dealer.html

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A good way to do this is to use the Grid stack that comes with stacks.

Set it to 4 column and 2 rows or 2 columns and 4 rows. Add a Slot Machine in each grid and then add images.

I do not know anything about the dropbox stack, but I do know that Slot Machine does the selecting on the server, not the site, so if you had 8 grid boxes with each grid box having 4 images to choose from, it would still only load 8 images, not all 32 images.

Again, I do not know what the Doobox stack does, just informing you how Joe’s stack works.


Thank you!
But last two methods get a random images only when page loading, but i need to change them after that.
We look at the wall and time after time some of the images on it changing in real-time (flipping or so).
For instance, i have 48 images, but only 16 slots on the page to show it. Can i time-to-time change images inside randomly selected slots without reloading the full page?

Ah, then add moving box to the mix too. This might be a little trickier though, as you could have two of the same images up on the wall at the same time.


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