Rapid Cart and Square

I use Rapid Cart on our web site. Been pleased with it. Does what we need it to do for a small regional beekeeping business.

Has anyone gotten Square to work with it for credit card payments? I know it does Stripe, but Square is a credit card processor and we use it in the store. It would be nice to have everything handled through Square.

I contacted 4gnd (who have provided good help in the past) and they told me RCP doesn’t support Square.

Anyone have a solution or work-a-round?

I think that’s going to be a vender thing. If 4gnd isn’t supporting it don’t know if you can add it.

I own it and would love to use 4gnd too, but they don’t support square. I was hoping for the same thing. That’s the main reason I don’t use 4gnd. I personally don’t think Square is going to open up it’s platform to allow it.

They do have an API, I don’t know how difficult it would be for 4gnd to add.

I posted a similar question on Square’s Community Forum.

First from a partner: "Hi there. It looks like you’re using something called Rapid Cart Pro for RapidWeaver - am I right? Do you know if you have coding access to it? Or is it all plugin based?

We’re an official Square Partner Company that helps businesses make slightly custom to highly custom stores, apps, etc.

Basically, we could make a plugin for RapidWeaver with Square’s API that you could use or if you have coding (ie. backend) access then it’d be even easier - we could just add Square as an option in there and use your application tokens to connect it to your account.

We personally have a WooCommerce website that we love that has Paypal, Square and a few other payment gateways. It was super easy to set up and all free.

  • Thomas"

Then in a PM, "Hi there. Yep, we’re a small tech company that’s an official Square Partner - a fair, affordable one that just likes helping people. We’re based out of Chicago. Thomas is off for the weekend, so this is actually the Owner - my name is Ken.

Feel free to give me a ring any time. 312-xxx-yyyy (didn’t want to post my number in the public part of the forum).

  • Ken"

I am cautious about these things since I am not a programmer or developer.

You wouldn’t have access to the code in RCP.

This is really something that 4gnd (@rob) would need to determine if it’s doable or cost effective.

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