Square Payment Processing API stack

(Keith Flanagan ) #1

Just wanted to know if anyone was working on a stack to integrate the Square payment processing services API. I would really love to link my Square account and be able to take payment through that. Currently using PayPal and would much prefer all of my payment processing be through Square.

(Roberto Tremonti) #2

RapidCart Pro will support Square in future updates.
No time plan for the release at the moment, sorry.

(Tron) #3

I am looking VERY forward to this, almost can’t wait…

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

(Keith Flanagan ) #5

When you make it so you will have my money. Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

(...) #6

Include me on the list for squareup.com

(...) #7

I assume this is not going to happen?

(Roberto Tremonti) #8

Sorry for my late reply.
Square integration is harder than we expected due to limitations in how transactions details are handled by Square API.