Rapid cart pro html vs php - SOLVED

I’m not sure how to fix this, but it seems whenever I put a rapidcart pro stack on a stacks page, it turns that page into a php page. Then my old html pages show up instead of new pages. My store is not on my home page… how do I get all my pages to update when publishing? If I delete the html file, will I lose all the html pages?

Here is my store page: This page looks correct with the menus… http://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/client-store/?catalog/all/-/date/1

This page has my old menus: http://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/portfolios/

Can anyone help?

ok, I think I figured it out? I have to remove all the old html files that were on my server before that are now replaced with php pages? Can anyone confirm?

thanks, Lisa

Yes, remove the old html pages

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