Rapid cart Pro is recommended

(Guy Woodland) #1

Rapid cart Pro

A big thank you to @rob and @joeworkman

Rapid cart pro was a bit of a frustrating challenge for me to implement and many requests were sent to Rob and Joe, some quite stupid and some of a more technical.

However I have to say its brilliant and proof that even someone like me can eventually get things sorted. I would highly recommend Rapid Cart in a foundation environment and as this forum proves the support by @rob and @joeworkman shows why independent developers rock.

Again thank you all, one happy weaver

(Jason Bostick) #2

Do we get to see the finished product? :slight_smile:

(Guy Woodland) #3

Oops sorry, there are two sites we’ve used RapidCart




Still tweaking bits…

(Roberto Tremonti) #4

Thank you, @guywoodland, for your kind words!

(Jason Bostick) #5

Nicely done @guywoodland

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Awesome looking sites @guywoodland. If Joe was’t on a family vacation I am sure he would appreciate the kind words about him as well.