Ah, Rapidcart... A joy to work with!

Has anybody experienced Rapidcart just randomly giving up?
So, I’ve added loads of products uploaded it and great it works ok…
Changed a few tags, added a few categories…
And great! The cart page when uploaded is now completely blank!
Has anybody had this with Rapidcart before and how do we get around it?
It’s proper pulling your hair out material trying to work with Rapidcart isn’t it?


Quick update… I’ve gone back to an older back up! start again kind of thing!
But, something isn’t right with Rapidcart!
Im guessing once you have tagged something!
Don’t re-tag it as Rapidcart implodes!
Kind of really wish I had a better alternative!

Have you tried Ecwid? I recently integrated it into a RW project and it works well - good web interface to update everything, coupon codes, etc. You can see it in action here: https://www.theconsultants-e.com/training/online/certict/#pay

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I haven’t tried Ecwid, but I will certainly have a look at it.
I’m guessing nobody has had a similar issue on Rapid cart! Still trying to work out what went wrong!

Hey Kelly, could you try reproduce the issue back on your website and send me the URL? I’ll be able to have a look later for you. Thanks

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Hey Dylan, I can’t add everything that I’ve already added again… sorry, but it’ll take ages and I’ve already done it once.
All I did was to change a colour variation, as I don’t like how Rapidcart shows variations!
So, I had two images of the same product… different colours though!
And I changed it to just one image, added the other image on its own as a separate product…
However as they both had the same SKU number I got a message to say I basically couldn’t do that (understandably)
So I changed the number, uploaded it, and yeeey a blank screen!
Didn’t matter if I deleted what I had done… it changed nothing!
I can’t try and replicate it again as I’ll end up doing it all over again!

Might not help, but the store looks really good.

For e-commerce, the concept of ‘you get what you way for’ is particularly true. Rapid cart, from what I’ve seen is an amazing solution, but I think @rob has recently had a small family and his time for support isn’t always there.

Anything else, I suspect you’ll be stuck with a monthly fee :frowning: It’s even worse if you want to sell digital downloads.

I hope you get something sorted .

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