Mysterious ongoing nogoing


since more than a month my RW7-Site (Theme: Split) is crashing everytime i try to save a new change (even one syllable) or when I try to publish. Only way out is "Quick shut down) with the message: RapidWeaver doesn’t react.
There is no message of error whatsoever. Support RW is not able to help. They got a Zip of the project and they tell me, that for them it’s working fine. Support Apple PremiumSeller doen’t find any error. I spent already some €300 for error-searching. The Publishing-Datas are perfect, since there where not changed and the site opened four years ago. It is online like always, just I cannot take any new products in the store or make any change on any page. - What the f… could that be?? - Is there a easier way out than to start the project from the beginning? - If you don’t make any suggestions, I am fine. If you do, even better.

The only thing I can see on the page is that it says ‘Made with an unregistered copy of RapidCart’.
Could it have something to do with that?

Otherwise, do you have access to another Mac you could try it on? Just copy over what you need to open and edit the project in terms of Stacks and other plugins and see if that works?

Or maybe create a new user on your own Mac and do the same thing?


One thing that has always struck me is that RW seems to work great for some people and not so great for others. I have lot’s of problems on my main 27" Late 2013 iMac. Many fewer crashes on my Late 2011 MacBook Pro. I have spent hours trying to figure out why it is not “nice” on my iMac. Removing “behind the scenes” apps, helpers, etc. Removing 2nd monitor. Tried making both machines identical as far as OS, versions, apps, on and on. Hours doing this… Alas… I’ve found no root causes for iMac problems. Last week I pulled an older 21" iMac out of my closet to see how RW runs on it. So far it’s been better… but this iMac is Late 2009… kinda old!

The “success” of RW seems to be so different between users… you’d think RealMac would want to figure all this out… I have no doubts that it just doesnt’ run “up to par” on certain machines… But… I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

The “success” of RW seems to be so different between users… you’d think RealMac would want to figure all this out… I have no doubts that it just doesnt’ run “up to par” on certain machines…

I completely agree with you, Greg. It’s a big mystery for me, as well…

It is my experience that most problems arise after any upgrade and/or update of OS, RW, Stacks and other plugins. When you upgrade your OS, either RW or Stacks may not be fully compatible with the new system. If you upgrade RW, Stacks or other addons may not be compatible with the new version of RW. One update brings the need to update everything else. Pretty soon, websites built with older versions can not be 100% reliable, even if you successfully migrate them to higher versions.

Up until a week or two ago, I used to have persistent crashes on Export to a local folder. Then, I updated Stacks to 3.2.6 and crashes became intermittent, but they did not go away entirely.

Because of the known problem with Stacks in combination with PlusKit, I started testing all plugins in my pages that are imported to Stacks pages with PlusKit. I found out that one of my plugins that seemed to work perfectly in RW 7.1.7 (EasyTube Gallery, latest version) caused the crashing. As soon as I removed that plugin and replaced it with a stack alternative, Export crashes are gone.

Conclusion: use only the latest versions of all addons and test them, if you are experiencing any kind of a problem. I know, it sucks that there is a need to do so, but it may help you to continue using RW.

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Sound advice @Rovertek.

I’ve just bought RW7 courtesy of a bargain buy - about 12 apps for $20 - so will be climbing aboard the tiger in the next couple of weeks. I hope he’s as friendly as some people say…:sunglasses:

There is a beta version of RapidWeaver

it has quite a few bug fixes and updates for Preview and Publish. I think it’s worth at least downloading and trying out. It could be that, even though it’s a beta, you get more stable results out of it. And if not, just toss it in the trash after the experiment – no harm done. :slight_smile: