Rapid weaver crashing regularly

Rapid weaver crashing regularly.

Thats it.

It just quits and I report to apple. At least 4 times today now. And many times the day before.

Best to include @dan and see about getting crash reports to Realmac, rather than Apple.

A bit more info would be helpful too.
Version of Rapid Weaver, any plugins used etc. and any recent updates to these as they could be contributing.

All of foundry + addons, sitelock stacks, impact and mega menu.

It seems to stop crashing after I restart the computer. …

I dunno how to send to realmac. All crash reports go to apple automatically after an app crashes.

Just crashed again…

I’d paste it here but… it doesn’t fit it’s 100k characters of report

Just send it via email to Realmac support:

if you can just paste the first page or so of the crash report that’s usually the most important bit.

the other nice bit of info to give developers is the very last thing you did before the crash. if you clicked on a button, changed to Preview mode, or changed a setting, knowing what you clicked/typed/selected can help developers zero in on the correct bit of code.

please do give the very latest Stacks update a try too (if you’re a Stacks user). it contains two fixes to the most common causes of crashing in Stacks 4.

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