RW CRASHING on Publish All Files

As of a few days ago, Rapidweaver simply crashes anytime I try to publish all files on any project.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there a solution?

I have opened more tickets than I can count with RW support but am not getting any response/

Yeah i have this trouble some times, but i always find that on the Sixth attempt it publishes ok.

and i havent ever had any response from any of my Crash reports :frowning:


We can probably offer solid advice to help out – maybe even more help than try it six times :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks @timmytoad.

I’d recommend sharing your file (via Dropbox link) to some support folks. With your file in hand they can see exactly what’s happening and probably offer a workaround or a fix

  • if you’re currently using Stacks or PlusKit send your file to
  • if you’re just using plain vanilla RW then send to RealMac support.

And better yet: a crash is a bug. bugs need to be fixed. by sending us your project we can see the crash in person and fix the problem.

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I wrote a little post on what to do when RW crashes and how to share info with support.

What to do when RapidWeaver crashes:

Also good info:


Thank you @isaiah i have bookmarked that right now.

I havent any need to re-publish again , so is the “how to send a crash report” saying that we should send an email !

therefore I have been wasting my time clicking on “Send Report” :frowning:


Short Answer: Click Send Report. It helps. But also give support folks as much as you can. The more you give them to work with, the more quickly they’ll get you back to work.

Long answer:
Absolutely click “Send Report” too. That sends the report to RealMacSoftware. That helps them see all of the crashes and focus on the ones causing the most problems. That’s great for helping RapidWeaver as a whole.

But it’s not very helpful for getting support. Especially from a 3rd party dev. Most users just want to work around the issue and get back to work. For that, the best thing is to contact support and give them as much info as you can.

A support person that has all the info – crash report, file, addons, and a description of what the user was doing at the time – can usually immediately diagnose a problem and usually give a detailed suggestion about how to work around the issue. And also pass that info on to a dev to fix the bug.

Unfortunately most users simply don’t want to take the time. Or enjoy the catharsis of a good forum rant instead (i’m guilty of it as much as anyone!!!). So support folks usually only get a partial picture and have to make some assumptions. Assumptions make for wrong guesses, more emails, and more frustration.

And worst of all – it means the bug goes unreported and unfixed. :frowning:

So, take the extra 2 minutes, collect all the data, and fire off an email – it’ll save tons of time in the long run.

Thanks for that @isaiah , i shall have to look up that you used there “catharsis” :slight_smile:

You have answered my queston absolutely perfectly, thanks.

thatll be catharsis = Venting Anger !!!