Rapid Weaver creates folder in private files on HD

(Mike Ball) #1

Rapidweaver is creating huge amounts of files 133.36GB in a folder in the private files on my HD. Machine has Ground to halt!!! Only a 500 GB SSD Drive on the machine Impossible to see unless you use something like Grand Perspective. I have feeling this happened about a year or so ago and it was possible to turn off Rapidweaver creating temporary files. It seems to have resurfaced or it’s got better at doing it and thus taken longer to show up. Anyway can I still just delete them? I think this was the way to deal with it previously or is there a way of stopping Rapidweaver from doing it?
Private - var - folders - 2n - 1chl1l5x35s54gp4ws40nmnc0000gn - T - com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

These folders are created during preview, containing the preview pages. It shouldn’t harm to delete them. Still they should be deleted automatically when RapidWeaver quits…

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Hello Jannis

Thanks for you quick reply.



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Hello Jannis

Just a thought

If Rapidweaver crashes, which it does regularly ( when it’s uploading ) and one is forced to "force quit’; presumably it doesn’t remove the files as it would if it quit in the normal way and thus leads to build up of these temporary files.


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