Rapidweaver deletes my images folder when exporting files

I have a large website that has old pages built in Dreamweaver and new pages built in Rapidweaver. So I have my images warehoused in an images folder, 11,000+ images almost 500MB. When I export my changes from Rapidweaver to my local site folder, it occasionally deletes my images folder. I then have to open up Time Machine and pull the files back, which only takes a few minutes. It is a minor annoyance, but is there any way to have Rapidweaver not delete the images folder.

If I rename my images folder to something other than “images”, will Rapidweaver still delete it?
I’d rather not do this as I would have to change thousands of image links on my website.

Does anyone have any ideas that can help me?

RW publishing does not have the ability to delete files, only republish/overwrite existing files or folders. If you use a different name for a folder, it will not be able to overwrite anything.


I do not use the publishing FTP feature in Rapidweaver. I only export my changes to my local site folder. Rapidweaver does remove the images folder in that location. I’ve read that others have had the same problem.

Like @colorwave said, Rapidweaver does NOT delete files. It may overwrite a file/folder with the same name. So, if you have 100 images in a folder labeled “images” and you export another site to the same local folder with a folder named “images”, Rapidweaver WILL overwrite that previous folder (and its contents).

Try exporting to another folder (you can Republish All to Local if you wish) you will see that NOTHING in your original export folder will be touched.

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OK, so your suggestion is to create a new export folder, then drag all the files to the folder where my site files live. Yes, that will prevent Rapidweaver from deleting my images folder when I export my changes. And I do mean delete, not overwrite, it completely removes the folder, gone, bye-bye, poof, exterminated. I always have to use Time Machine to recover the folder.

This little irritating feature of RW caught me out too Joseph. I just had to recover the images folder from my backup and workaround the issue by renaming the folder original_images.

So if I understand, RW is overwriting the image folder that contains files that were/are not managed by RW but began as DW files?

I can see where this would be frustrating but how would you expect RW to know about files not added through RW?
I can’t think of a way off the top of my head that RW would ever be able to deal with this situation. I think you will either have to go on replacing that folder after export or re-name it to something RW doesn’t also use. Or am I mistaken about what is happening?

Scott, you understand it correctly.

Rapidweaver leaves all of my other DW files alone except for my “images” folder, which it removes. I do not want to rename the images folder because I do not even trust DW to change 11,000+ image links.

I will have to set up a new export folder and move all of my Rapidweaver content into my main site folder every time I update and export my changes. This way I will not have to rely on Time Machine each time to recover my images.

Are the images in that Image folder actually changing at all or are they just the old DW ones?

I have so many images on my website, that I have to use an “images” folder to warehouse them. When I export my changes in Rapidweaver, it DELETES the folder completely. It does not overwrite the folder as Rapidweaver puts image resources in a “files” folder that it creates related to your RW pages.

I guess I should have been more clear, does RW put anything in the images folder? / Does its contents change ever or does it just hold your “old” images?

Just wondering if you have to just replace the folder with the old one or actually merge the old files back in with new files that are in there also.

Because I warehouse my images, the folder contains old and new images. in RW I declare the image path URL. RW does not put anything in the images folder as it stores images in “files” folders and not my images folder. I make sure that Time Machine has performed a backup and I’ve FTP the new images to my web host via DW, before I export my RW changes. This way I can recover my images after RW deletes the images folder.

I see,
Thanks for helping me understand. I was just curious why you just couldn’t keep a copy of the images folder on your machine and just replace it instead of having to go through the time machine scenario.

The images folder contains over 11,000+ images at about 500MB. I don’t want to maintain another copy of that on my computer. Time Machine can restore the file paths for the images on the hard drive very quickly.

I understand, thanks for appeasing my curiosity.

I wonder what would happen if you made that folder read only? Would RW crash or just move on?