RapidWeaver creates Private folder files?

RapidWeaver seems to create files in a Private folder that are generally hidden unless you go to terminal and make them visible. Is this usual? I thought all the files were contained in the sandwich that RapidWeaver creates. These files are taking up over 200Gb of a 500 Gb SSD scratch drive. Running the mac into the ground.
Looking for a solution.

  1. Have I done something wrong? Should these files be amassing?

  2. Why are they there? Can I delete them?

  3. If not can RapidWeaver run from an external hard drive ( i.e. not from the application folder) and also leave these files on an external hard drive.

Hi @Nucifraga,

That sounds very strange, it’s not something we’ve seen before. Can you contact support@realmacsoftware.com with more information.