Rapid Weaver sidebar

I have question.

I am working on my clients website and he wants that:

Contact form appeared on every page in sidebar.
Example: Call Back Form
Is there any stack or plugin available, that would work that or similar way?

I am using RW6 and Tesla Pro theme for the project.

There are plenty of form stacks available. Search the rapidweavercommunity.com site for one.
You will need another stack, however to place it in the sidebar. Try one of these:



Oh Doobox again, I love them! Any other suggestions? Will FormLoom work with it?

FormLoom’s companion stack should work with it.

If it were me I’d use Doobox’ HTML contact form and put it in the sidebar with Joe Workman’s Houdini stack.

Alternatively, this is still available and free - http://clearquot.es/addons/rapidweaver/stacks/formsnap-jr

though no longer supported I think.


While we’re on the subject of sidebars, I’d suggest not using one at all. You can create the same appearance by splitting most of the page into two uneven columns. That way you don’t need any tricks to place content.

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Formsnap comes with formsnap jr. That and the doobox transporter stack work great.

Hi! I like your suggestion. Can you tell me how to split in 2 column with different witdh please (uneven columns)?

@iMac1943 Have you dragged in a 2 column stack? Pretty obvious after that. Right in the inspector area it asks you how you want to split. Default is 50/50.

Got it! In case of Resp 2 Columns click Advanced Settings, Column width.
Thank you Mathew!