Rapid weaver tutorials behind surprise paywall?

So I drop $85 for Rapidweaver. Go to get started hit the “Getting Started Video Series” button on the opening screen and get hit with $9 per month to learn how to use it. I need to work with my son and daughter to get our site going so I will have to pay this 3 times over.

Am I missing something? Seems a bit underhanded.

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How about these?

That looks like a tutorial on “Stacks” and “Foundry” add ons. Not a getting started video.

Scroll through the videos. There are lots of different ones. This is from a few years back but many of the principles remain the same.

or these


That looks better. I will give it a go.


And afaik you can use a RW licence on 2 machines within a family or household. Please correct me anyone if I should be mistaken.

There is a complete RapidWeaver tutorial on Udemy which is free…


The 5 minute tutorial worked quite well. Got me past the few non-traditional names for the UI components.

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