Rapidblog completely now not showing SOLVED PHP the issue

Hi, I had RapidBlog working perfectly when I was testing a site I was working on, now I moved the site to it’s correct home (using same hosting company) and the page is totally blank. Bolgger shows the post, Rapidblog syncs but still nothing. I’ve recreated the page, still nothing, I’ve updated Rapidblog, still nothing. I’ve removed the ‘old’ site, still nothing. Can anyone help

It helps when a url of the blog is available.


I had it on my own hosting space and it was working correctly but now nothing?


In the source code of the website, you can see the page is not generated correctly. the body tag is never closed. To find the reason for this is a challenge.

I’ve even regenerated the page and still the issue prevails. I’ll have another go later. Thanks for your help.

Is the plugin still under development? The site from Loghound is closed down. The version of RW that works for Rapidblog is RW3.51 according the information on the site. Maybe time to change to another system. There are many: Armadillo, Typed, RW Writer and so on…

Yourhead took over all of Loghound plugins, but I do not see it on their site.

Hi found the problem it was the hosts PHP version was set to 7.0. Reset it to 5.6 and I’m back in business. Thank you for trying to help sort the issue.


This did not work for me with RW 7.
Pat2b, wich version or RW are You using?
Which Mac OS?

Thank You!