Rapidcart Pro - Again

As @rob hasn’t replied to me last request…again…Can I ask you folks.

So, new cart running. Given up on shipping costs as the way its implemented isn’t helping.

But, I now have the age old problem if products not making it to the cart. Now I’ve checked my settings in publishing, and general settings. Am I blind to something?

Looking at the inspector on Safari I have the following error that may help someone to guide me!!

TypeError: $ is not a function. (In ‘$(’#rc-product-version-’ + productID)’, ‘$’ is undefined)

If you visit my shop through the main page, can someone see if they can figure out WTF is going on!

www.cheetahworld.com is the site. I’ve been trying to figure this out for too long now and can’t se the wood for the trees!

Thanks again everyone!

It looks like you’ve set up your own product pages instead of using the RapidCart generated pages, is that right?

If you have, I think you need to set the url in the product itself to its corresponding page.

Now, I’m no expert in RC, but it might be something worth checking.

Good luck

Hi Neil, thanks for getting back to me. I haven’t created separate pages for the products. Simply used the RCPro options. so there arent any corresponding pages, but I’ll have a play with that and see what happens.
Appreciate your quick response and ideas.


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As I said, I’m no expert with RapidCart. I do remember someone on the forum having an issue that was due to stock control being implemented but actually having 0 items in stock. That meant nothing could be added to the cart.

I’m just throwing ideas around for you.

Hi Neil,

Yep checked that one too. I have another site that is working absolutely fine. I’ve just sat here and compared them and to my eyes, they are identical.

The only difference is that the first working shop hasn’t been updated since the latest Rapidcart Pro update. I’m loathed to try and update it as it will probably kill it.

Now I’m not implying that the update is the issue, but since there is no help coming from the guys who wrote the plug-in, I’m concerned that the update is the issue.

If @rob wants to say something it would be most appreciated…

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is the working one



I’ve sent support tickets through the 4ground site and have not heard back in over 5 weeks. If they are still active, they are not responding to me :frowning:

That’s a theme problem.
Please contact the theme developer.