RapidCart Pro 5 Beta (5001 on RW8.8.3)

Having turned on mySQl support, entered in a username and password and setting the host to allow connections, I am consistently seeing an error that says access is denied for ```Connection failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘mysql -u -redacted- -p -h ‘@’-mysql host url redacted-’ (using password: NO)’

This is disturbing as I have entered a non blank password for administrative access, write access and read access. Further, I am being shown on the diagnostics page that mySQL.

on the diagnostics info page I am shown:

RapidCart Pro 5.0.0 (5001)
Site URL https://.com/
Store URL https://.com//./
PHP Version 7.4.15

jQuery 2.2.4 :frowning:
UIkit 2.27.5 :frowning:
RCkit 4.0 :frowning:

Email 5.2.23 :frowning:
Database :frowning:

I do have a read and write enabled user also enabled also with passwords, and I have verified that I can access the mySQL server using other clients and the same credentials.

Is there something obvious I might be missing?

Oh and it says I need to set up a valid url in the general setting of RW8 (which it is)

Update: @rob reached out to me regarding my support query very quickly this morning with 3 issues:

  1. While the Rapidcart documentations says the URL must be set in general, it is in fact basing the URL off of of the publishing bookmark instead. I had WWW.-baseurl- in general, but publishing said -baseurl-
    2-3) The config.php in ‘rw_common/plugins/rapidcartpro/data’ was not updating and so had data in it different than what was in the Rapidcart 5 mysql settings for lines 12 &13. Still not certain why iot is not updating, but correcting the bookmark and manually entering the correct UName and PW in the config file seems to have temporarily fixed the issue. However this fix will have to be applied every time I republish the project for the time being.
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