Rapidcart Pro 4 problem

Hello Realmac community!
I recently started playing with Rapidcart Pro 4 and tried upload the page now but it shows me an error, that my PHP is not up to date and that the website (Rapidcart for that matter) requires version 5.3
However, my version is 5.4 already so things should work, any ideas on how to resolve that issue?
Thank you!

Are you running this on some sort of local development environment, like MAMP?

Or are you uploading to an external host, if so which one and and a link to where you are uploading to may help as well?

Did you download the demo project and try it on your server (after making required changes like URL, etc…)

Is the error message as described in the FAQ?

AFAIK, RapidCart pro requires certain functions of PHP server side to be enabled… perhaps they are not on your host…


Are you definitely sure PHP version running your RapidCart Pro installation is 5.4?
Sometimes hosting provider lets you choose version in a Settings panel.
Please double check it’s up-to-date.
If so, please contact us at http://help.4gnd.com reporting the link to a test page.

I am uploading to an external host (provided via hotdomains.at) the website is www.projectmanaia.at
I removed the webshop from the menu for the moment so it doesn’t show…
If there is any other info you might need please let me know
I also contacted the provider just now asking what php they run on their system, can that be the issue?

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Hello Turtle,
it is not the error message from the FAQs (unfortunately).
I did not try the test project, but will download right now and try that one…

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The link to the intended web shop is here:
Not sure if that helps…
Also: I tried the DEMO store on the website and it gives me the exact same error message… so I guess it is not a user problem but maybe a server issue?

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Looks to be that the PHP version is the problem. When i visited your site the page said “Your PHP version is 5.2.17” as you no doubt noticed as well. Best to contact your host and get them to update PHP to at least 5.4.

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Thank you for the confirmation, I already wrote them and am waiting for a reply… also looked in my control panel for the website but couldn’t find an option to update it there…

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Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious where to update the PHP version. If they use CPanel it should be the PHPConfig module. Good luck!


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it is a parallels config panel…
I think the one I need is the phpMyAdmin panel, in which I am completely lost… any tipps on what to do there?

So according to my web provider the problem should be solvable with a htaccess file, which I now added to the folder with the index.php file. However, the error message just changed from the outdated version to index.php could not be found, even though it does change the adress in the link to shop etc. and I know the file is there (double checked via FTP as well)
Any thoughts?
It is all still online

@projectmanaia Sorry I don’t have enough knowledge to be of help with configuring an htaccess file or even if that is a solution to the problem, but this post should help to definitively identify the php version actually running on your account:

Probably best to contact RCP support directly - they are usually pretty helpful.

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It loads the page for me, can put item in cart, view cart etc.

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Thank you everyone for the amazing help! Managed to configre the htaccesss file yesterday and now it seems to work fine!
Thanks again and the htaccess did the trick, the issue was the provider all along it seems…