RapidCart Pro Advanced - Admin Setup

Hi there. I’m trying to get the online admin set up. I went to C-Panel and set up a database, a user and a password.
I enabled MySQL Support on RCP: Customization: Settings and typed in the above info. The port was already set on 3306. I don’t know what address to put… the main page of the website? the store? the admin URL? a special address from the C-Panel?
Any thoughts?


The address should be shown on the C-Panel. It is a specific address for the database.

Thanks for your reply. The database has a name. Do I put the site URL/database name ?

Hi Linda, No, you have to find a Hostname for the database on your C-panel. This is the address for the database.

Thanks :slight_smile: Finally found it and got the admin working.
Here’s what I did if any one else is new to this…

Set Up Online Admin for RapidCart Pro Advanced

1. Set up Database and Username/Password for User :
C-Panel: Databases: MySQL Database Wizard for a first database.

2. Get server address for the database:
C-Panel: Databases: Remote MySQL
Enter the host’s name or IP address in the Host text box. (I just used the URL: www.sitename.com.au)
Click Add Host. This address is the one you use in the RC settings.

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Thanks a lot Linda I was having the same problem with RapidCart Pro, your solution worked. Thanks :smile:

Ha! It’s a good thing I wrote it down :slight_smile: I ended up abandoning this cart and starting again on Cartloom as it all got too hard with the payment setup.

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