RapidCart Pro 4 - Support offline?

Hey there,
anyone of you knowing what is going on with the Foreground/RapidCart Pro support? Tried to contact via Email, Foreground Support page and the RapidCart disqus plugin. No response, no reaction.

I am a bit desperate because I am not getting the store working. Bought the Pro Advanced version.

Thanks for helping!

I’m interested in this as I plan to set up an e-commerce section to my site in the near future.

Many people say that it is a good plugin but so far, I cannot confirm that. Offering a Pro-Plugin with no working support is a shame, I’m sorry. I should have had a look at response times before.

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What exactly are you having difficulty with setting it up? There are plenty of people that have some decent knowledge of RCP here!

I’m using Rapidcart/Link and haven’t needed support for a few years, so they can obviously make good software. I am however concerned about the future of the product.

I’m in the same boat with you guys, can’t get my store working as I explained in my post here and there’s no support.

Thanks for answering and asking what the problem is: on the checklist page of my store the email gives me an internal loading and not telling whether it works or not. Other things are checked as OK. When I go to my store page, actually everything works until I want to add something to my cart: when I click “add” nothing happens. (https://www.slc-management.com/webstore/)

Ok, try removing the cart stack from your page. The cart stack won’t work on a page with the store stack.

@dan @willwood or anyone else, surely this would be worth adding to your stable of products? Assuming @rob doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Thanks for the hint --> done --> no effect.

I’ve just received notification that Rapidcart Pro has been updated. A good sign surely?

Where do you have that information from? There is no update available in RW7 for RCP, neither there is announced a new version after 4.9.1 on the RCP homepage.

Sorry, that’s the update that I received a notification about :frowning:

Soryy, but i can’t understand with sending of the order to the buyer and the seller. When ordering, it is written that everything is fine, the order is issued, but the letter never comes. The mail settings are used by default, and if you use their settings, it is generally not sent and displayed error. Say please, how to configure e-mail?

Received finally an answer from Roberto, I will keep you updated!

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I have asked for help twice this spring and on the first request it took over a week to get a reply. On my second request for help I gave up after a week and closed the discussion as their latest update seemed to fix the problem. It’s really a shame as RapidCart Pro is a great program but the support is a no star support. I really hope it will improve or they will get a bad reputation

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Any update on this. I am trying to also get some support, but they don’t seem to respond. I have tried twitter?