RapidCart Pro - Admin doesn't show orders

I’ve set up a database name, user name and password in my C-Panel and put the info in RapidCart so that the Admin page comes up, however the orders aren’t showing up. The orders go through and the emails are sent OK. Is there something more I have to do to the database other than naming it?

Is “Save Order Details” enabled in Customization > Settings > Database window?

Yes. Save Orders is enabled.
When you ask for the Server Address in the RC settings I am just using the URL of the website. Is this correct?

The website URL is correct if the database server resides on the same machine of your web server.
If you see the admin page (and you can log in with your credentials, can’t you?) the URL should be ok.
The problem could be related to your other request.

But first of all, please make sure your database details (host, port, username and password) are correct by asking to your hosting provider.