RapidCart Pro is playing with me... help

I’m in a need of tools for building a store for a client. I pitch him a couple of subscriptions services but he don’t want to pay monthly for ecommerce sites so I did a research and it seems that RapidCart Pro does the job. I bought it and installed it and follow all the steps to set up the store but when published nothing works. you can’t click on add to cart or anything! I talk with the server technicians to update the PHP as the troubleshooting page suggest and still having the same issues. Any idea to solve this will be great. deadline for me is Sept 15 and I’m not close to finish yet because of this issue. here is the link Store Thanks in advance

If I go to https://houseofpotter.store/ it allowed me to add items to the cart and proceed to checkout but when I got to Shipping it said “No Shipping Methods Available” and I could not proceed past that. Have you set up a shipping method or methods?

If i go to https://www.houseofpotter.store/ nothing works, I can’t even get rid of the cookie notice.

Perhaps you are already aware that RCP requires the exact url that the store is published to (i.e. www or no www). Generally people pick one version and set up a redirect to the chosen version in htaccess. If you have www in your RW publishing and project settings, you have to use that for your store url in RCP4, and conversely if you do not have www in in your RW publishing and project settings, then the url for the RCP store should not have www either.

The https://houseofpotter.store/index.php?checklist link indicates a problem with PayPal. Maybe good to go over your PayPal credentials/settings to make sure they are all correct. There it indicates that you have RCP set to use https://houseofpotter.store/index.php (no www)

https://www.houseofpotter.store/index.php?checklist indicates problems with PHP, Email, and both Stripe and PayPal.

Also, there is an updated version of RCP 4 ( 4.18.5) released 5 days ago, maybe also good to update RCP.

Maybe @rob could take a look?


Wow! Thanks for the reply! I will check all that right now! You’re the best.

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Thanks, @thang, for your precious help.
I confirm all you said.

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Thanks for the reply. I will work on those changes today and let you know if the issues persist. The hosting provider told me they updated the php and that’s why you can add to the cart and do almost everything. Now the problem is mine to resolved with the shipping settings. I hope that is all and I will be able to deliver. Thanks

ok. I fill out everything that was needed and now I’m having these errors:

  1. After select Paypal it keep asking me for payment selection.
  2. If I select credit card it shows that weird error at top of the page!

thanks for your help!

(I know maybe will be a simple fix but it’s the first time using this stack and I don’t want to mess with this client store. Please see attached errors and any help will be appreciated.



Hi there!

I actually reported this error to the developers and they have resolved it!

The error is to do with the HTTPS certificate signing from your server! PayPal doesn’t verify it!

If you update the rapidcart plug-in it has the correct pem files within it now!


That sounds great. I will update and let you know how it works. Thanks for replying.

ok. Where can I update the plugin? I have version 4.18.5 and is the same version at your website. Im getting closer to deadline and this is very annoying. this supposed to be an app that works flawlessly. please guide me to solve this.
Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 10.43.15 PM

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Email sent. Hope you can help me.

@Albertkinng having a hunt around in the files for your site it appears your publish hasn’t uploaded the changed certificate files. I would suggest if you can a clear of the file manager on the website and re-publish all files.

This exact error was happening for me and the repair that they pushed with the update solved the issue.

Ok, just to see if I understand correctly… you want me to delete all the files in the server and published again the website with rapidweaver? Or use the re-publish the files options in Rapidweaver? I can do either one without problems.

Delete the files on the server and republish all files. If you want to be safe use an ftp, sometimes the rapid weaver protocol is unreliable with uploads.

Ok. I did what you told me and the issue

still happening.


You still have issues in your setup when you look at your checklist

You said if I delete my files and upload again the issue will be solved. What else can I do?

No, I clarified what ablx posted for you.

My advice since your checklist still shows errors ,one could assume your missing something in the setup.

Double check your PayPal credentials and settings:


Open a ticket with the developer: help@4gnd.com