Rapidcart Pro and Armadillo

I’m trying to find the time to do a site update and also to update my shopping cart and blog. I’m a bit concerned that Jonathan’s only tie to RW is Armadillo and wonder how much longer it will be supported and I have similar concerns for Rapidcart Pro.

Would people suggest getting Cartloom 4 free account and the new poster stack instead, or are my current products worth persevering with?


I liked Armadillo, but I like anything that is a stack over a separate source, even better :slight_smile:
I’ve had Poster Stack for a few days and just starting to set it up. @instacks makes it really easy, and support has been great. https://www.lisasandlerphotography.com/blog/family/

I’ve not figured out what I am going to use after I got rid of Rapidcart. As many have mentioned, it’s a good product, but little to no support from developers. My products can be complicated to set up and I’m trying to figure out what to use instead. If your products are simpler than mine, take a look at this thread: Recommendations for small e-commerce


I think the answer is it depends.
Are you the only person that would update the post (Republish in RW) or do you need to provide other users (not able to republish) needed? Also how many posts do you expect? If you have hundreds not thousands and don’t need “outside” updates then check out poster. Armadillo still works great.

As Lisa points out, there is a thread on e-commerce you should check that out.


Good point by @teefers . My blog is only run by me for my business website, so no one else will need to access it online. If you do, I’d stick with Armadillo.

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Looking good Lisa :+1:, with Poster Stack.
Look forwards to see it when all finished…