Upgrading from 5 tho 6

I thought I’d say a few words about my experience here. Not only did I upgrade from 5-6, but also migrated from one machine to another.

Any switch like this will cause one or two headaches, but I have to say that every issue has been sorted in very quick time.

Special thanks goes to @willwood. This guy doesn’t promote his stuff as much as others do, but the themes are first class and the service is second to none. I have had many admire how good my website looks thanks to Will’s hard work and to replicate the functionality I have would cost a few thousand.

Thanks also to Mike @yabdab who responded within minutes of my asking for help and also to Aaron and Brian at Realmac support.

I was concerned about FTP, but I’ve had the fastest uploads ever (despite being forced from Fibre to broadband - moved house as well).

Armadillo’s 1.7 upgrade seems to offer a reasonable comparison to what I would want from a Wordpress blog and Rapidcart Pro and Formloom 3 are on the shopping list.

I will be honest and say that I was considering switching, but I’m happy to say that I love using the programme again. I hope the new forum can be a turning point to see lots of positivity and an end to the (sometimes justified) complaints about RW. I look forward to being a part of the helpful and supportive community as it goes from strength to strength.

I think RW6 is great. Thanks everyone for your help and support.



Glad you had such a great experience. I’m finding 6 very nice too. Armadillo has evolved from a good to a great product!

I agree with you :wink: I love using Rapidweaver, although the learning curve has been pretty substantial for me (and ever changing), I’m aware that I don’t know enough about most aspects of it, but I’m loving using it :wink: Thank you to everyone involved in creating Rapidweaver and all aspects surrounding it, it’s a fabulous tool! :wink:

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@Bazza That’s great to hear, many thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

High-fives all round!

I upgraded from 5 to 6 but none of the add ons came along. How do I get my Stacks, RapidProCart and Hives on 6?

The stacks you can simply copy from your application support folder.


The first time you launch RW6, it should ask you if you want to move the add ons to their new location (different from that in RW5). Such an option is still available under RW6’s File menu.